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Every day my husband & I laugh  at our 'beanstalk'.  I have not filled my pots of beautiful flowers yet.  So instead Im getting this humongous weed thats growing 10 foot tall.  My kids ask me what kind of plant Im growing and so we tell them we planted a bean.....and you know the rest of the story.  Until next post....Good nite!



just joking.....Im trying to test my email subscription button to see if it will really work.  So far it doesn't work if Im updating an existing post which stinks...because I don't want to add post upon post...I just want to continue my story in chronological order.  So, by posting this...I'm going to rule out my theory....stay tune.

UPDATE:  OK, new post Im going to test if this update works...



Here are some photos of my flowers that are currently in bloom.  As I figure out the names of them....I'll add them. Please feel free to tell me the name if you know. 
(purple bells?)
(pictures by my daughter)
~ baby buds ~
These are at the end of their bloom for  this year.  These have doubled in size in just one year.
not the best pic here...but I wanted to show you how much they multiplied in one year.  Don't look at my weeds.  I'm going to get a better picture.
This flower has been split up about 4 times now.  Later in the summer it will have some beautiful flowers. I will take a pic and post it under the summer posting. 
Now, I know this doesn't look much like anything right now, but I ASSURE YOU.....when you stay tuned for the summer postings you will be so surprised of the outcome!
This will have HUGE, MAMOUTH, GIGUNDOUS(if thats such a word) red flowers.  The size of elephant ears... I kid you not!!  I don't know the technical name for if you know...leave me a comment.  This plant doubles in size every year.  It can grow to about 5 feet tall.  I have this since July 2007.  I planted it in September of that year and I didn't think it was going to live.  The next year...BAM!...couldn't believe my eyes how beautiful it was.  I HIGHLY recommend getting this plant.  So stay tune at a later date to see what it will look like.  You will NOT be disappointed.  I PROMISE!!

again, this one doesn't look like much either but I wanted to share with you the before and after pics.  Last year for my birthday I got an arched trellis.  I wanted a climbing flower to go with it.  I bought one for each side.  I was excited to see new growth on it.  So that was another purpose for this picture.  Now I did mention I bought one for each side...well, the other one doesn't look so I'm just going to be patient and see what the sun and rain will do for me.  I wonder how long it will take to get my first flower.  The package shows white flowers...I guess we'll see.  How long do you think?  Anyone??
ok, whats up with this pic?  well, you have to understand son is a fanatic about tomatos.  So every year for his birthday, grandma gets him a plant and he gets to take care of it and water all summer long and reap the benefits!  Now, not a bad idea huh??

~ what a cheezy smile huh? ~